Name of institution:
Sevim Erdoğan Öz Ĩlköğretim Okulu
Primary School

400 Evler Mahallesi Gülsehir
 50900 Nevsehir
Type of visit:
Mobility with teachers and students
Date of visit:
12th-19th November 2011

How do you appreciate the activities accomplished during the visit (in terms of balance between working/social activities, input from participants, communication and partnership negotiation)?
* All participants have shown a great interest in all activities provided by the host country. We were provided with an proposed activity plan prior to the visit and also all necessary information on our stay , which enabled us to prepare and share the information with teachers, parents, LA and staff at our schools.
   The activities throughout the visit were carefully planned and have shown a great teamwork to all participants, between school staff, host families and officials and also excellent organization skills by the host country!
* All participants including student’s who attended, were allocated to take part in lesson for the first two days, of their choice until lunch time. We all attended different classrooms of different age groups and observed and interacted with the Turkish students and teachers during lesson time.
   In that time we were able to gather information about the Turkish school system and how students learn in their country.
* We felt that there was a good balance between working and activities arranged between school and social activities arranged by the host families.
   Those of us who were fortunate enough to stay with a host family will agree in saying, that we all were made to feel like we were part of the family and encountered a great amount of hospitality from all family members. Nothing seemed too much trouble and our every need was catered for by the host families.
* This experience has given all participants a greater inside of what family and working life is like in Turkey. We’ve come to understand much more about the host countries culture and its natural environment. Also we have made really good friends and those we will treasure and nurture throughout this partnership and way beyond!
* In terms of communications between the partners/group, if there were any loopholes, it may have been that at some points throughout the week, the schedule of the day or activities weren’t always discussed or made clear to the whole of the group of participants? Also that some of the time it wasn’t made clear to participants who had students attending the visit, to where they should be when adult members were busy preparing for events for the day. Suggestions on how to address this could perhaps be made in a meeting with the group at the beginning of the visit?
* Another aspect of motilities where students are attending perhaps needs to be considered in future visits is, each countries rules and regulation about organised events where students can’t attend?
* Some members of our group have mentioned that they would have liked a meeting with all participants on the last day of the visit, before everyone begins their journey back home.
   Perhaps it may be an opportunity to discuss and exchange views on how the visit has developed, also to ensure future tasks are talked about or any worries or questions about the project people may have?
   We do appreciate that there has to be a tide schedule for any visit in order to fit all activities into the week, but perhaps just a short get together after all the official work might be possible on future visits?
   A last meeting such as that would also be an opportunity for the UK, to take notes on everyone’s feedback to be later considered into writing up the formal report after the visit!
* All participants worked well together in tasks for the exhibition, selecting their best photographs and assembling the ‘Magic Frames’, also shown great teamwork and proudly presented their final products at the exhibition venue.
   Everyone was delighted with the turnout for the event, as the local community and official members of the town showed great interest in our displays.

To which extent the objectives of the visit have been met?
* Firstly we have become more aware of how other countries school systems work and established similarities and differences on towards our own systems. By being able to take part in various lessons throughout the school day in Ilkogretim Primary, we have also been able to interact with the Turkish students and observed how they learn and what kind of resources are available for teaching.
* Teachers and students have learned how to communicate in another language, learned new phrases and greetings in Turkish. In order to help understanding participants have been resourceful by preparing phrase books prior to the visit. Also where available, the internet or the old fashioned dictionary was very useful too, for communication between teachers, students and host families.
* Those new language skills learned are used in school lessons where ever we can to enhance all children’s language learning.
* I’m sure all participants will agree that we have identified the main aim of the project in experiencing another countries culture, traditions and heritage. We have been shown the effects on the natural beauties made by environmental changes and the efforts that local people display to raise awareness of this fact.
   Throughout the visit we had the opportunity to taste some of the local dishes prepared and organised by a fantastic team of teachers, students, host families and friends of the community.
   Many places of interest we have visited have been somewhat breathtaking at times, taking in the stunning display of natural beauties and ancient history behind it. Students were able to capture those moments by taking photographs and listening to our tour guide explaining to how the rock formation was created over hundreds of years.
* The visit has given us a first hand impression into how much it means to the local people of Gulsehir and surrounding area of Cappadocia, to keep tradition and family values alive and to treasure their countries history.
* For teachers and students it has been a valuable experience to encounter how other countries have such a strong community bond between the younger and older generations, which unfortunately is not the case in so many other countries around the world. The people we have met and got to know during our stay have displayed to us great friendship, fantastic hospitality!
* As we all can appreciate that it must have been a daunting and challenging task to be host to your own country, Turkey has shown us what a fantastic network of people they have, who all worked together to
make this event a brilliant success!
Turkey has shown great organisation skills, team spirit and professionalism throughout the visit and all who attended had such a wonderful time!
* Only one question remains: “How do the rest of us live up to Turkey in being such a great host”?
“Well, we will have to try our very best and nothing but, to make it as successful as our Turkish colleagues have!

What follow-up activities did you organise in your own institution?
* Handed out three different questionnaires about our Comenius project, designed by Italy/ Assisi3 and filled in and completed by Teachers, students and parents of each partner school.
* Deadline for completion 14th January 2012-agreed by all participants. (Number of people to give out to, depends on each schools number of teachers and students directly involved with the project – agreed by all partners.)
* UK to write up an official report for November visit in January 2012.
* Prepared materials for a local exhibition at each partner school and put on display.
* Arranged a date for the exhibition and sent out invites to attend the event to parents, friends of the schools, governors, local press and National agency representatives.
* Held an assembly in school to share experience of the visit with teachers, all students and parents.
* Wrote press releases to various newspapers for publishing our Comenius activities.
* Updated the ‘Magic Frames’ website with materials of the visit.
* Uploaded all relevant materials and publications onto the e-Twinning platform for the ‘Magic Frames’ Project.
* Each student and teacher who attended wrote a short feedback document, on what their opinions were of the visit to Turkey. (Sent to Turkey after completion)
* Preparations for the next visit to Poland in April 23rd-27th have begun. Parents meeting arranged for Information on Poland visit and selection of children to attend.