Report for Preparatory visit 

Comenius Project ‘The Magic Frames’

2011-1-TR-COM06-24562 2


Name of institution:

Sevim Erdoğan Öz Ĩlköğretim Okulu

Primary School


400 Evler Mahallesi Gülsehir

 50900 Nevsehir



Type of visit:

Preparatory visit to future partner institution.

Date of visit:

3. October – 7.October 2011




Great Britain




To which extent the objectives of the visit have been met?

  • All participants have gained a better understanding of how the project is to be carried out, through set tasks for each partner country. Carefully planned, organized by the project co-ordinator and discussed with all participants in a project meeting, which took place during our stay on 4.October2011.
  • Clarified and finalized responsibilities for each partner school (Italy-responsible for Questioner, Great Britain-responsible for report writing, Bulgaria-responsible for creating a website, all-to create a logo and pennant with students to send to Poland). Shared ideas for individual tasks, who is going to be involved (head teacher, co-ordinators, students, parents, teachers, governors, local press, radio,
  • Identified the main aim of the project (Preserving individual’s countries heritage/treasures, either natural or manmade. Keeping cultural traditions alive, looking at how environmental changes have shaped our landscapes.)
  • Clarified understanding of head teachers/co-ordinators responsibilities for the smooth and effective running of the project.
  • Discussed arrangements for November mobility with students to host country. All participants have agreed that for the UK, Poland and Bulgaria it would be best to stay with their peers and their families, Italy to stay with teachers as they are not bringing any students. Also it has been agreed that teachers and students will stay together in one family, or depending on numbers of visitors, multiple families.
  • Identified task for follow-up to organize in our own institutions, discussed set deadlines for tasks for students and teachers.
  • Carried out Risk Assessment for transport, travel to and from airport, travel during sightseeing activities, to and from school and surrounding areas, to identify possible hazards (UK).


What follow-up activities did you organise in your own institution?

  • Students to create a logo and pennant for the project, sending to Poland to enter into project competition, each partner country to vote on best creation.
  • Finalize travel arrangements for November mobility.
  • Discuss travel documentation with our Admin staff.
  • Parents meeting to share information on Preparation visit and outcome. To discuss consent forms and any concerns being raised in the meeting.
  • Share information with students who will be travelling about host country, expectations from all participants and wellbeing throughout the visit.
  • To hold an assembly for the whole school, parents, governors, to show artefacts and share information about first experience of our project meeting.


How do you appreciate the activities accomplished during the visit (in terms of balance between working/social activities, input from participants, communication and partnership negotiation)?

  • Excellent itinerary provided by the host country for all activities, relevant to context of the future project and very informative to all participants. First day -   meeting co-ordinator, teachers/families and students. Second day - visit to the school, meeting with governors, the mayor, project meeting and organized Turkish Night in the evening. Third day - visit to underground city, open air museum, fairy chimneys, castle, markets, restaurant.
  • Fantastic hospitality shown by host country from co-ordinator, organizers, teachers and their families, students and officials.
  • All events /activities took place in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere during our stay.
  • The host country has shown effective organization skills for all activities, well thought out to create a perfect balance of cultural insights and project objectives.
  • All partner countries have shown a keen interest and enthusiasm into working towards an exciting and successful project.
  • A confident display of effective and constructive communication by all participants.